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Weeds be gone

This week’s weather has not been what I consider ideal for summer (i.e. hot, without torrential downpours). But on the plus side, it made weeding and cleaning up the garden a lot more tolerable—once the rain stopped.

I actually love weeding. It has so many benefits:

  • Eliminates competition for nutrients for my flowers and veggies
  • Helps control pests without poison
  • Makes beds look better (d’uh!)
  • Provides better arm workout than bicep curls!
  • Reduces stress
  • Shows results of your hard work immediately (how often can you say that in your 9-to-5 world?)

The hardest thing about weeding is when you come to a plant and you’re not really sure if it’s a weed or a plant you actually want. But then I just follow my mother’s advice: “Pull it out from the roots. If it comes back, it’s a weed.” :0

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