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So far today, I’ve:

  • Screwed up a special dessert I have successfully made at least a dozen times before
  • Missed the last step, fell to the ground, spilled Coke all over the rug, and twisted my knee
  • Celebrated a great darts throw I made to win a game only to realize I had made a math error and went on to lose said game

Go home, 2019… You’re drunk.


Boynton, Interrupted

I was in Pause mode at this time last year so I missed my tradition of sharing Sandra Boynton’s 2017 New Year’s Eve tweet. So here it is as well as … well, last year’s. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy New Year and here’s to a healthy, happy, and laugh-filled 2019 for us all!




Right here is where you pay… in sweat

I went to the Dreamscape dance performance at the Lincoln Theatre last night put on by CityDance, a D.C. organization that offers several programs to bring dance “to transform lives and communities through dance.” Debbie Allen hosted the event and they opened with the performers dancing to the chorus of Fame.

The performance was great, with all sorts of dance forms represented including ballet, modern, tap, ballroom, and African. Of course we weren’t allowed to take photos during the performance, but I was surprised when an usher told me I couldn’t take a pic of the stage before the show began. Personally, I think that’s ridiculous and puts the ushers in a bad situation since everyone’s doing it. Including me. ๐Ÿ™‚

I did not take photos during the performance, but many other people did. Honestly, venues need to come up with a better solution than telling people not to do it. I recommend they create an online repository of images that people should be free to share on social media, which would hopefully reduce people taking their own shots while encouraging publicity.


Irony Alert!

From the Climate March in Washington, D.C.

In April.

Climate March Temperature


Wait… I’m supposed to be scared of these?

When I was in Grade 5 or 6, I was walking home from school when I saw a bunch of boys in front of one of their houses looking inside a big box in the yard. These boys were definitely on the bully spectrum and when I saw one of them looked up at me, I knew something bad was about to happen.

I ran as hard as I could to my house and when I reached the safety of my own yard, I turned around to see what horror the boy was intent on inflicting on me. He stood there grinning, waving a snake in my face.

“Oh, is that all it is?” I asked. “A snake???” I moved closer to get a better look.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more disappointed look in my life.

I saw this beauty sunning himself when I was walking around Lake Elkhorn in Columbia, Maryland.

Sunbathing Snake


Never give up hope

These are my favourite socks. I bought them almost 10 years ago in Antarctica and lost one of them before I moved to the D.C. are in 2010. I will not throw out the remaining one because I’m convinced the moment I do so I *will* find the mate.

Pengi Socks

To be fair, a couple of years ago I did find a bunch of linens I thought I had lost in the move. (They were in a box wrapped around my sewing machine, which tells you how often I use THAT…)

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