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I’m Always Fascinated…

… when this happens. Yesterday or the day before I was watching the Today Show and there was a segment about a family that found some bear cubs playing on their parked SUV and they were trying to scare them away with a hose. But they wouldn’t leave and the people couldn’t figure out why. It turned out that Mama Bear was inside the car!

Anyway, while the panel was discussing it, somebody (I think Al Roker) made a reference to this joke:

Two men are out camping and they see a bear coming towards them. One of them kneels to pray and the other one puts on a pair of running shoes. The first guy says, “What are you doing? You’ll never be able to outrun a bear!” And the second guy says, “I don’t need to outrun the bear. I just need to outrun you.”

Now this wasn’t the first time I’d heard this joke but I still think it’s funny. And for some reason, yesterday afternoon it popped into my head again and I even thought to myself that it’s one of my favourite jokes. I have no idea what brought it to mind.

Then tonight I was watching The Imitation Game, a movie I had meant to watch ages ago and never got around to. And, what do you know, when Alan Turing is trying to be nicer to his colleagues, he tells that same joke!

What are the odds? (Turing could probably tell me.)

It’s like when you learn a word you’ve never seen or heard before and suddenly you start seeing and hearing it everywhere. So weird…

Anyway, here’s the news story about the bears. I’d love to see the insurance report on this one!

And if you haven’t seen The Imitation Game, you should. It was no “bear in a car,” but it was really, really good. 🙂

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