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So far today, I’ve:

  • Screwed up a special dessert I have successfully made at least a dozen times before
  • Missed the last step, fell to the ground, spilled Coke all over the rug, and twisted my knee
  • Celebrated a great darts throw I made to win a game only to realize I had made a math error and went on to lose said game

Go home, 2019… You’re drunk.


Cold car cures

I’m fortunate to be able to park in a garage at home, but I learned some great tips for those times when I have to park outside.


Boynton, Interrupted

I was in Pause mode at this time last year so I missed my tradition of sharing Sandra Boynton’s 2017 New Year’s Eve tweet. So here it is as well as … well, last year’s. 🙂

Happy New Year and here’s to a healthy, happy, and laugh-filled 2019 for us all!




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A reminder to always look at the world from as many perspectives as possible.

See more animals photographed from beneath at >>

Not to be confused with:


Of course it was

Of all the coupons I had scanned at BJ’s yesterday, the only one that didn’t “take” was the one for $5.


Cancelling my dinner plans in 3… 2… 1…


I love this so much

Maybe I’ll even have to become a regular beer drinker just to support them.

More about this video. >>

Visit the Saltwater Brewery website. >>



Last year:

This year:


Remove. Unsubscribe. Do not call. Stop… Just stop.

It’s insane how much mail I get that I never open. I keep a recycle bag right at my front door and as I bring the mail in, I just immediately throw all the flyers, credit card offers, and charity appeals into it. But somehow I still end up with piles of the stuff that I have to sort through to find the few pieces I really need to look at.

Today was a breaking point. So I just looked up how to get my name off of lists and found this great page on the Federal Trade Commission website that provides instructions on how to take your name off lists for mail, email, and phone marketers. It will probably take a few weeks before I see a real impact, but at least I got the process started.


Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs

Earlier today I went out to run a couple of errands. On the way back, I missed a turn not once, but twice, to get me back on the very familiar route to my house.

As a result, I ended up driving by a Whole Foods, which I was planning to go to tomorrow and I briefly considered not stopping because I knew it would be crazy busy at 4:00 on a Saturday. But I decided that missing those turns was a sign and ended up going in and picking up the things I needed. It only added a half hour to my outing and now I don’t need to go out tomorrow. Yay!

Sometimes you’ve just got to pay attention to the signs…


Hippo Gnu Year!

Sandra Boynton fan since forever.


I would get an A+ in all the classes


What’s making me squee today





Nope. No. Nuh-uh. I don’t think so.


Random thoughts

The picture that goes with this post reminds me of something I’ve been wondering about lately: How do kids today learn what clockwise and counterclockwise mean?


It’s not just me

It’s not just me, as this Fast Company article by my friend Gwen Moran points out.

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Happy New (School) Year!

No matter how old I get, there’s just something about the day after Labour Day* that feels like the start of a brand new year full of promise and excitement. That usually ends about three days later.

So in the spirit of the season, check out this great new video by John Oliver that explains everything you need to learn in high school.

* Don’t even get me started on schools that start back before Labour Day…


Tech for Luddites: Online Mapping

The last couple of months on my Tech for Luddites blog were dominated by the Bring Back Classic Google Maps campaign. While we haven’t succeeded in that endeavour yet, I haven’t given up hope. And, in the meantime, I put together this special section on Online Mapping to provide resources for people who still need to, you know, find things.

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