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Can someone please explain to me…

… how it’s possible to have lived for 56 years and still manage to put clothes on backwards and/or inside out?


Old shmold



Never give up hope

These are my favourite socks. I bought them almost 10 years ago in Antarctica and lost one of them before I moved to the D.C. are in 2010. I will not throw out the remaining one because I’m convinced the moment I do so I *will* find the mate.

Pengi Socks

To be fair, a couple of years ago I did find a bunch of linens I thought I had lost in the move. (They were in a box wrapped around my sewing machine, which tells you how often I use THAT…)


Gray matter

I started going gray when I was 17, so I take these kind of stories with a grayn of salt… 🙄


What’s cracking me up today


Gorgeous at any age

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